Into the final leg

May 7 - before sunrise;

Under a magnificent starry sky Luca had a boat ride over the Zambezi river. He was starting early, to go via Maun for refueling, while the Caravan would fly directly from Livingstone to Windhoek.
Antonella took some great photos of her flying over one of the biggest river of Africa, here is her favorite one.

In just three hours she was in Windhoek, where Luca was about to land. Coming from two different Countries and yet arriving at the same time, perfect tuning!
In Windhoek we stayed at a conservation place, Naankuse. It deals with captured animals, to reintroduce them into the wilderness. 
Our highlight was joining Kiki for breakfast! She is a nice cheetah, with whom we had an unforgettable walk in the Namibian bush. She was simply amazing, accepting us all in her wondering the bush. You can see here our ecstatic we were!

May 8 - at sunrise;

A cloudless sky welcomed the beginning of our second chapter of the trip. We are now working our way back to Kenya, but first we will explore the wilderness of Namibia.
Lions wanted to greet this second part of our air adventure and while we were pre-flying the airplanes they were roaring quite close to us: absolutely magic.
At 6:45 am we were wheels up, from the small bushstrip of Naankuse,  into a magnificent flight, over the most amazing landscapes of the planet. We flew to Damaraland, where we refueled, in the middle of the desert. We then headed toward Angola, landing at the Mars looking Hartmann’s Valley. The camp we are staying in is on the Kunene river, on the other bank is Angola.
No words can do any justice to the magnificence of the land, so here are self-speaking images!


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