Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Living Their Dream Safari - The Arakelien & Youredjian Family

We visited Campi ya Kanzi in June of 2014. My words cannot express the kindness, generosity and excitement we were shown during our stay. The lodge is absolutely beautiful with undeniably the kindest staff working on the premises. Their attention to detail can't be overlooked - from the accommodations and safari's to the daily cuisine (which may I add was extraordinary). We will see you next year!

- Jack, Zarig, Hovig, Renee, Kayla & Kian

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morning ride with Lucrezia

We woke up with mourning doves and red wing starlings being quite chatty.
Kilimanjaro was nicely covered by a white blanket of fresh snow, laid down by the heavy clouds we saw yesterday.
A perfect morning to go riding, I thought.
Lucrezia was not up for an early ride, she wanted to bid farewell to Yianoi, the Maasai girl who she schooled with for 8 years.
After breakfast we saddled Warai and Lightning,  and off we went.

It is hard to describe the feeling of riding in the middle of the savanna, in front of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Try to imagine it...
Birds singing... the horses legs make a whispering sound while brushing the long grasses...
Zebras, crowded around the camp's waterhole, allow us a very close up encounter...
A baby giraffe is not sure what we are. We stop and he comes closer. And closer... When he is about 10 mt away he brakes off in a shambling gallop, searching comfort from his mom...
 Two males Tommies are having a territorial argument, one eventually rushes the other off.
A group of impala is browsing calmly under a pink blossoming dombeya.

Well, close your eyes and think to be in all of this for just a moment... yes, it feels like another World...

And Kilimanjaro white snow shines in the hazed sky. It seems lik a lonely white cloud.
When you can't see its base Kilimanjaro seems more majestic then ever...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Living Their Dream Safari - Doug & Janice

June 2014 - "Our stay at Campi ya Kanzi was the perfect way to end our 3 week safari/trekking trip in Tanzania, and gave us too many reasons not to fall in love! From our pick up at an isolated grass runway in Namanga, the amazing views from the little airplane, welcome greetings from the staff upon arrival, fine wine and delicious meals, the dimly lit lanterns at Tembo House for the evening meals, to the nightly wake up calls from the hyenas - every detail is looked after by the wonderful and attentive staff!

Sunte and Matasha our guides for hikes and sundowners were professional, fun, and knowledgeable (elephants never forget!). We will never forget sitting on our outside deck relaxing with a glass of wine watching the zebras and giraffes at the watering hole. A visit to the village showed firsthand the important work that the Trust does supporting the health and education of the community, as well as the conservation projects. 

Thank you to everyone at Campi ya Kanzi!"

- Doug & Janice