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How A Safari Can Enhance Your Spirituality

How A Safari Can Enhance Your Spirituality

For many travelers, a safari in Kenya is as close as it gets to paradise. While staying in a stunning boutique ecolodge at the foot of the serene Chyulu Hills, encountering graceful animals such as giraffes, lions and leopards, and connecting with the Maasai people, we can gain an additional benefit we probably never knew we needed: a heightened spirituality which scientists and psychologists such as Carl Jung believed were essential to human happiness.

Why is Spirituality Important?

It is important to understand that being spiritual can, but does not have to, mean following the tents of a particular religion. Spirituality is important because it makes us happier; various studies have shown that those who make time to enrich their inner world, enjoy a greater sense of wellness, for various reasons. For one, they tend to be accepting of the ups and downs that are part of life. Secondly, spirituality gives them an opportunity to connect with other…

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