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Celebrating the death of a Lion

I am happily reporting the death of a beautiful male lion, Lorpolosie, of about 12 years of age. I am not drunk and did not chew any miraa. His death brings sadness, as we have known him well; both us and Campi ya Kanzi guests have been delighted by his majestic presence near the lodge for years.
Lorpolosie spent his entire life near the lodge and he was the dominant male of the area. Competition from other males mounted fiercely and Lorpolosie was under pressure.
So much that he eventually lost his territory and got pushed out of it. He ended up intruding in the territory of a coalition of two brothers. He stood no chances in defeating them and died in a fight…

Terribly sad, but, if we leave emotions aside for a moment, something worth celebrating: Lorpoloise died because we have a high density of lions. Our compensation program works and lion population is increasing. This leads to competition. And lions, especially male ones, are now dying naturally, killed by other lions. Sad, but na…

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