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Essential items to pack for your Safari

Imagine yourself out on the plains of Southern Kenya watching the antelope grazing and the elephants sunbathing around the watering hole. You’re in a state of perfect harmony as you capture that perfect shot. However, as soon as you turn on your camera, you get the red, flashing warning sign of doom. Your camera is out of batteries. If only you had thought to pack some extras.

Don’t let this be you. Pack for any safari catastrophe, no matter how big or how small, with these helpful tips.

The Right Outfit

As you navigate through the dusty open roads on your Jeep, you will get a lot dirtier than you expect. Therefore, you should make sure that you’re wearing the right clothes and keep a backup pair just in case. Layers will be your best friend as temperatures can drastically change throughout the day, and you will want to bring loose-fighting and lightweight clothes that will help you move around with ease. 
A Well-Equipped First Aid Kit

Although your safari guide will most likely have a…

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