Living Their Dream Safari - Roblesgil Family

July 2014 - "Just came back from a fabulous trip to Africa, which included Tanzania and Kenya. We visited four camps of which the last was Campi ya Kanzi... for us, it couldn't have been better planned. 

After tumultuous experiences at Kuria Hills and the Serengeti, Campi ya Kanzi really brought it all together and made it real. We came from places full of animals but completely devoid of civilization in which we couldn't walk away from our camp, to a place where we enjoyed amazing strolls and learned how to responsibly enjoy such expansive nature without shying away from it. What the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust has done is to make what we saw everywhere else viable and understanding that left us all full of hope and really rounded up our African experience."

- Roblesgil Family


  1. I am so excited for this !! I have to wait a year or so because of the age requirement.. but I have been riding for years now and have always dreamed of going to luxury safari, I have been saying that since was around 7 years old. I love this place so much. Thanks all.
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