New Camera Trap Photos - 7/1/2013

A male impala gets a close look at the camera!
Continued rains have brought continued green all around Campi ya Kanzi, and given us the opportunity to photograph some beautiful wildlife!  Antelopes such as impalas and hartebeest are especially common at the water hole when the savanna is green, and we've seen a lot over the past few weeks.

A giraffe stops by for some late afternoon refreshment.
Enjoy the best of the camera trap photos from the second half of December, which have now been added to our December 2012 Camera Trap album on Facebook.  You can access and enjoy the photos at the link below - we hope you've had a wonderful holidays and a good start to the New Year!

Hello there, Mr. Hartebeest!


  1. Whoa! Amazing takes. This is really something. Guess you need a good camera to be able to take such amazing pictures. The timing should be right too. :)

  2. Fantastic pictures! Is this a seasonal water hole or all year round?



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