Join Edward Norton team in the 2011 NY Marathon

Join Edward Norton team in the 2011 NY marathon on November 6th.

Learn here how to join us!

E qui in Italiano



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  2. How is the drought affecting the Chyulu area? Any rain possible in the next couple of months? Have you got good pics of lesser kudu? Can you post current pics of the bush. Thanks Joe

  3. Hi Joe,
    sorry for late reply. No rains... Quite dry, but not a drought. Still nice grass all around camp and a lot grass in the Chyulu. Rains will most likely be in 2 and a half months. You can see live image of Campi ya Kanzi here:
    Photo of lesser kudu? Will use it for the next post!

  4. Glad to hear that you are not having a drought. There's lots of news about the drought that's affecting Somalia. I look forward to seeing your post of the lesser kudu.
    Thanks again & Cheers,


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