Back in Kenyan Paradise

Dear friends,
we are back to our loved Kenya after 6 great weeks in the Alps. What a change! In all senses.
We left Kenya with the rains just started, we found the savanna all green and blossoming.
Such a relief after the long drought. It is amazing how nature can recover so quickly.
Life is giving us a great show: baby giraffes, baby hartebeests, baby thompson... All the plains are green with grass, all animals are thriving.
If you have time for a quick visit, plan coming now: it is absolutely beautiful and lively.

There is a cheetah with three grown cubs, living around camp. We see her very often.
A new pride of six lions have move in from Tsavo. They kindly entertained us with a noisy lallaby on the night of our arrival: we could not have dreamed for a better welcoming.

Lucrezia is happily back in school, where she is sharing plenty of stories about freezing temperatures, snow, and skiing.
Next year we plan to raise funds to organize a skiing week for all her schoolmates.

Luca, with all the Campi ya Kanzi team


  1. hi lucca!

    we are thinking in spending some holidays in africa. what season do you recommend? and where to start if you have never been down there?
    august is a good month? where do we have to fly?

    sorry if these are too many questions, i've found your website and this blog and find it very interesting.

    my husband and i are planning vacations these days (and we also have come recently from the alps too with our daughter)but we love to check and research in advance.

    i look forward for your good advice,


  2. Hi Blink,
    thanks for the kind comment.
    Campi ya Kanzi is open all year round, there isn't really a month which is better than the other.
    August is fine, but crowded: many visitors.
    Write me an email at I will gladly suggest a safari to you.
    You will have to fly into Nairobi: from Spain a good option is via Paris or Amsterdam.
    Kind regards

  3. I would like to work here, any chances? I do anything ...


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