Come and cheer us up

This white shirt will be worn by MWCT runners on Sunday 1st, come and cheer us up if you are in NY.
The Maasai are gone to run in shuka.
We passed $434,000 just now, check it out and fuel my leg, I am already behind the Maasai and the race has not begun yet!!
Join Edward on Twitter (already 124,000 are following), great news, great prizes for who supports us.
You can win a safari for 2 for 4 nights at Campi ya Kanzi, if you sponsor Edward $444.
Check out this video of Edward training with the Maasai.


  1. Congrats to everyone: The un-official results are in already:
    First in among the Maasai was Parashi (as I expected) at 3H 33Min 54Sec
    Second was Sunte 6 minutes later, then Ed 9 minutes after Sunte. Luca finished after 4H 46M 36S
    Not sure what happened to Samson. Did he run?

    I got the info after searching for each runner at


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